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Our 2021 guide to writing a great press release

June 30, 2021No comments

Writing a great press release can be hard work, but it’s worth it if your business becomes more successful because of it. Press releases have been around for decades and are commonly used to spread the word about new products and services, business openings and planned events. As a result, many people find out what events are happening and what products or services your business provides. So if you haven’t written a press release before, this post could be helpful for you. We’ve tried to include everything you need to know about writing a good press release, so keep reading for advice on writing a catchy headline, formatting tips, ideas for when to send it out and much more.

What can a press release be used for?

Press releases can be a brilliant tool to announce various topics for your company that you want to showcase to the world. Here are just some of the things you can utilise a press release for:

New product launches – If you have a new product in stock or you are the sole trader for a manufacturer, this can make a great story to share with your customers.

News Stories – be the first to report on industry-related news, showing your expertise to your clients and competitors.

Partnerships and acquisitions – if you have recently joined with or have acquired another company, this is definitely a newsworthy story!

Events – report on a brilliant event you will hold, what your invitees can expect during the event and share all the information in a press release.

Damage Control – although we try to avoid it at all costs, bad things can happen, but informing your clients and stakeholders before they find out elsewhere is always the best way.

Research and breakthroughs – share your research, findings and insights with others in your industry.

Receiving rewards – shout about yourselves when you have achieved something!

Having an effective press release can do amazing things for your business and is a piece of journalistic writing that should be utilised for any story you want to share with your clients and stakeholders.

Why is a press release so important?

To spread the word of your company news, successful press releases can be the key to unlocking your potential and increasing your client base. Press releases are incredibly versatile and can improve your presence in several ways:

  • Getting media coverage when releasing new products or features
  • Building the reputation of your brand, either from the beginning or as a result of a relaunch
  • Positive crisis management to show your honesty and integrity
  • increased marketing in a cost-effective way to build public attention without breaking the bank
  • Backlink building to a reputable source of information will increase trust in your brand

A press release is a sales pitch that works across your company. Generally written in a journalistic style, it works to sell your business, no matter what you write about. Don’t forget; your readers could be anyone – the local newspaper, your clients, suppliers or a dedicated blog reader, so your press release must be relatable to all.

Key things to include in your press release

Everyone can write a piece of text and share it with their readers. But to create a perfect press release, there are some key elements you have to include, not only to make sure your readers are interested but that you give them all the information they need in one place:

  • Be sure to create an exciting and catchy headline that makes your story clear.
  • Include contact information like an email address, so your clients and the local press can find you
  • Ensure your content is cleverly written and ordered by the level of importance so your clients get critical info first
  • Explain your organisation in more detail; this doesn’t need to be long but will give your readers a sense of context.
  • Depending on why you are writing your press release, quotes from people who have used your service or bought your products is always beneficial – it makes your content more relatable for potential customers.

Make your online presence known with a Content Writer

A well-written press release can be shared across various platforms to reach many potential readers and customers. Sharing it across your social media platforms, discussing it on your social channels and advertising through your website is an excellent way of ensuring you reach many readers over an extended period.

Here at Content Clever, we have a flexible style of writing that lends itself well to various clients, no matter the industry. Our versatile content writing and SEO optimised style have a great success rate as we put you at the centre of what we do.

Using a content writer to draft your press release can save you time, money and stress, as it’s all taken care of on your behalf. Content Clever has the tools and the expertise to create your perfect press release, no matter what you report.

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Content Clever can help you make your mark with a catchy press release.

As you can see, press releases hold many potentials to increasing your brand awareness and, ultimately, your client portfolio. But busy people often don’t have time to sit and put together a press release that will tick all the boxes and make your company proud. That’s where Content Clever can help! So why not get in contact today to see how we can help grow your business through writing. Whether it’s one-off or ongoing, a strong press release or blog writing, Content Clever is on hand to help you and your business. Our writing is our passion, built by a real person (not an online tool), so we can capture your unique ideas and put them into writing.

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