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5 reasons your staff may need content writing training from an Aylesbury Copywriter

March 15, 2022No comments

Content to help boost your business visibility and sales

Content is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Whether you are a big enterprise that is looking for a way to reach a wider audience or a small business looking to expand your client base, content is key. Most businesses rely on website content to attract clients, but if you aren’t producing it, you are missing out. The best way to improve your business’s online presence is to hire an Aylesbury copywriter to take care of your content marketing needs. A content marketing agency can help you create content that is optimized for SEO, has a clear voice and is engaging.

But what happens if you already have an employee within the business who is able to write the content you need for your business but just needs a bit of a helping hand to get started? Consider getting some training for your internal writer from Content Clever so you can be sure that the content for your business not only ticks all your service boxes but is also optimised for SEO as well.

Essential skills for content writers

Content writing isn’t a skill that can be learned overnight. In fact, it’s a skill that requires a lot of practice. Many people believe that writing is a talent. But the truth is, anyone can get better at writing, even if it’s not a natural ability. Your job description may not include “content writer,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your writing. Content writing is a skill that can help you in any industry.

Whether you’re writing for your business, your blog or online, there are still some things you need to learn about writing. No matter what your experience level is, there are some skills that are absolutely necessary. You don’t even need to be a natural writer to get better. These five skills will help you improve your content writing.

Be able to adapt – As a writer, you need to be able to adapt your style and tone to each content piece. Your tone and style will depend on what you are writing about and who you are writing the content for so ensure you keep that in mind when you are writing.

Become an expert in researching – Researching to write your article is key to ensuring you are providing factual information. Your article will be more credible if you research the topic beforehand and will offer much more value to the reader. Avoid sites like Wikipedia or Reddit when researching!

Originality is key – You will no doubt remember from school that plagiarism is frowned upon and this is no different in business. Do not copy content from other businesses as this will negatively affect your content. Do your research and create your own valuable content that readers will enjoy.

Effective time management – You will no doubt be faced with different deadlines when completing content projects so you will need to have the ability to manage your time effectively and work under pressure. Monitor your time spent on research, drafting and editing and be sure not to underestimate the time it may take to get your content signed off.

Understand the business objectives – If you do not have an understanding of the business you are writing for, how are you going to be able to write original and thought-provoking content that appeals to the readers? Learn the brand and tone guide, and be sure to be aware of the target audience you are writing for as this will underpin the way you write your pieces.

The benefits of content writing training from an Aylesbury copywriter

Content writing is important because it helps you to reach your target audience and helps you to build trust with that audience. It’s not easy to write good content, however. It takes practice to get it right. And some people are just more suited to it than others. Luckily, there is an Aylesbury copywriter out there who can support you to train your employees in writing content as they know how to write content that sells.

Working with a local Aylesbury copywriter to support your employee with their writing skills can get your content off to a great start. If you are a particular niche company that is a specialist, it doesn’t always make sense to outsource your copy to an Aylesbury copywriter as the chances are, they won’t understand your industry and services as well as you do. Training an existing employee however is a great way to get the content that you need, in a way that supports your SEO strategy in the long run.

At Content Clever, we are SEO content writers, so we don’t just write blogs or articles. Our focus is on ensuring the content you have hits targets and supports to increase your rankings on search engines. To do this we have secret tips and tricks that we can teach your employee so they can also hit your SEO targets when writing. We write our articles using Frase and highly recommend it. This tool ensures we are maximising our research and originality as well as supporting SEO. When working with your employee, we will train them to use frase in the best way so they can get the most out of their writing tool.

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Content Clever is your local Aylesbury Copywriter

Whether you are looking for an Aylesbury copywriter to take over your content creation, or you are looking for some support for your existing content writer, Content Clever are here and ready to support you. From creating multiple monthly blogs to getting into the nitty-gritty of your business to writing an in-depth white paper, Content Clever take the time to learn about you, your business and what you are trying to gain from your content.

Get in touch with us today to book your employee in for some training or to discuss your content needs. Based in Aylesbury and working with Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas, we are happy to travel to you to discuss your needs face to face.

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