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5 expert tips to boost your content planner

July 26, 2022No comments

Why should you be using a content planner?

Content planning is your company’s logical and organised structure determining which content initiatives to implement and when to carry them out. Content planning helps to build a bridge from strategy to execution. Integral components and elements of effective content planning include a documented process and content workflow, a content calendar, onboarding and training, promotion and distribution, transparency and communication and lastly, measurement and optimisation.

If you plan ahead, your social media and content writing will be much more effective for your target audience. Your content will be more successful as a content plan will help you overcome any challenges your company faces with content marketing. Your content plan will ensure the content is unique, powerful and relevant, accounting for resources at hand, optimising engagement for every piece of content and adhering to a schedule.

Your content plan is based on processes and workflows. Having a content planner will enable you and your business to maintain engagement and measure effectiveness levels.

The benefits of having a content planner

There are several benefits of having a content planner. The main benefits include consistently posting, having diverse content, easier teamwork, and improved SEO and advertising. Planning your posts in advance helps to make sure new content gets posted at regular intervals. Regular content dispersion is vital as it means you will avoid the negatives in traffic and audience that comes from inconsistent posting.

With content planning, you can spread your content throughout the month. This type of planning helps with company organisation. If you try to think of a new topic every day, you will start to sound repetitive. Being repetitive will have a negative impact on your brand image. Not having a content plan means you will end up posting the same style every time.

With a content planner, you can pre-plan all your content. Pre-planning will prevent your content from being predictable to consumers. If you are writing a blog with several authors having a content plan is essential. This gives you the ability to assign topics in advance. A content schedule will make it easier for you to budget your time and costs for the future.

A content planner will improve your SEO as you can think strategically about your keywords. Planning ahead means this process will be much more efficient and controlled. There are advertising benefits too. If you are working closely with advertisers, it is helpful to be able to tell them what content is coming up. Being organised makes you look super professional.

There are also benefits of adding seasonal content to a content planner. It is just like having a big diary! Seasonal content helps marketers gain more visibility and reach a wider audience. Planing seasonally relevant content can attract a new wider range of customers. You can be relevant and timely by being organised and planning ahead for seasonal content. Planning your seasonal content is critical.

5 top tips to boost your content planner

Build a visual identity board

As Instagram is rooted in social, this means your style guide becomes more complex. This is why you must build your own visual identity board for Instagram. The visual identity board will help you plan your Instagram content more efficiently. It will help you plan content that will spark conversations with your target audience. You can use your visual identity board as a reference when creating your content plan.

Curate your Instagram feed up to three weeks in advance

Making sure that your Instagram feed is planned in advance is key. You should start thinking in a “grid” format and schedule your posts two to three weeks in advance. When you plan ahead, this enables you to go back over your plan and ensure it is how you would like your content to be. You can then make amendments if you wish.

Manage collaborators all in one place

If you post user-generated content or work closely with photographers, keeping track of all your media can be a challenge. Using multiple media sources at the same time can be stressful, and it can be easy to make mistakes like posting the same post twice. By using Content Studio, you can streamline your process. You can get photos and videos from your photographers, influencers or other sources. This tool will help you to save time and manage your account.

Stay ahead of the trends

As well as having critical dates for your brand, planning for global, national and social media events is essential. You don’t want to miss an international celebration or social media holiday that is all over everyone’s feed. With planning ahead and using the right hashtags, you could find your content on the explore page!

Know your best time to post

Finding the best time to post your content is essential to business growth. You want your planned content to reach your target audience. There are two ways in which you can do this on Instagram. The first way is by looking at your Instagram insights.

This is where you can find all your account analytics. Specifically, look under the ‘audience’ tab. The second way to do this is by looking under the follower’s sections. This is where you can find the information about when your audience is most active. Where you see spikes in activity is when you want to post your content.

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Content Clever supports you in building a successful content planner

Content Clever can support you with drafting a content planner that will reduce time, effort and money, so you don’t have to worry about what to post on your social media or write in your blogs anymore. We can link social media and blogs, so you consistently write about the same things. We help all¬†businesses to build and grow¬†across digital channels and social media platforms.

Content Clever can help to promote your business through the power of content planning. We can evaluate the best way to help your brand grow and develop. If you are looking for help and support in building a successful content planner, please contact us today!

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