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A 2021 year in review from your SEO Content writer

December 7, 2021No comments

This year has been so exciting for us at Content Clever. Our business officially started at the beginning of May 2021. Since this time, we have built so many relationships with local businesses and supported a variety of customers with SEO content and social media needs. As an SEO content writer, it’s important we share our hints and tips for creating excellent writing, and this is what we have done on our blog so far.

To bring in the Christmas period in style, we take a look back over some of our favourite blogs and do a round-up of what you need to know to get you started on your writing journey.

Press releases and proofreading from your SEO content writer

Writing a great press release can be hard work, but it’s worth it if your business becomes more successful because of it. Press releases have been around for decades and are commonly used to spread the word about new products and services, business openings and planned events. As a result, many people find out what events are happening and what products or services your business provides. So if you haven’t written a press release before, this post could be helpful for you. We’ve tried to include everything you need to know about writing a good press release, so keep reading for advice on writing a catchy headline, formatting tips, ideas for when to send it out and much more.

Here at Content Clever, we have a flexible style of writing that lends itself well to various clients, no matter the industry. Our versatile content writing and SEO optimised style have a great success rate as we put you at the centre of what we do. Using an SEO content writer to draft your press release can save you time, money and stress, as it’s all taken care of on your behalf. Content Clever has the tools and the expertise to create your perfect press release, no matter what you report.

Proofreading is an essential component of any business. Whether a brochure, website or email newsletter, you cannot expect people to trust your business if your writing isn’t up to scratch. It is very easy to tell if a piece of writing has been proofed and edited, and it will make a massive difference to your business. There are, however, solutions available in the form of professional proofreaders and editors. Both most cost and time effective than you would think and always offer fantastic results to support your work. This months blog takes a deeper dive into proofreading and why it’s so crucial for your business.

It has never been easier to work with an external proofreader. Simply provide the content that has been written, what the content will be used for (online, print etc.) and the tone of voice you are trying to achieve along with the target audience. From here, a proofreader like Content Clever will be able to provide a quote to complete the work and, once agreed, dive straight into your content to make it perfect. Notes will be made along the way, and dependent on the way you prefer to work, the proofreader can make the changes, or tracked changes can be used to advise of the errors and how best to fix them.

Social media management to support your business

In a world where everything is moving onto various social media platforms, whether you are selling, advising or just trying to increase your brand image, it can be challenging to know where to start to get ahead of your competitors. The good news for those who want to make their mark on the internet and grow an audience quickly is plenty of ways to do this without spending too much money.

Content Clever prides itself on supporting you to increase your social media presence, build your brand and engage with your audience. We are here to help you reach your potential and do this through communication, content calendars and a little bit of creative flair.

If you want to build your brand through social media, but you aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with Content Clever today and see where your online presence can be taken! With flexible packages to suit any budget, your SEO content writer supports many businesses with their social media management every day.

SEO services and working with an SEO content writer

SEO has evolved over the years, and it is not just about building links anymore. To be truly successful, you need to make sure that you write compelling content for your website and drive traffic with this content. However, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, and most business owners don’t have the time to write great content that can help them boost their SEO and their business. Here we look at the top reasons you should be working with an SEO content writer and how Content Clever can help you and your business with your SEO content needs.

When it comes to writing SEO content, we need to create content that attracts the right kind of people and encourages them to take action and buy our products and services. Check out this amazing blog from SEM Rush on how SEO content can drive your business.  We’re missing out on potential sales if we don’t, and we’re hurting our brand.

Creating content that helps people find us and then makes them want to buy from us is a difficult task that is essential to business success. This is where a content writer can help. A content writer is a person who writes on behalf of a business or website owner, creating new content on a website. This new content helps get a website seen more often by people who don’t already visit the site.

A freelance writer could be handy to your business in several ways. By providing high-quality content regularly, you will be amazed at the results you can start to see on your website. An SEO content writer may also help optimise your existing content, including any marketing materials you have completed. By working with the same writer across all the content creation within your business, your writer will get to know you and your team inside out, meaning one consistent tone of voice will be used, and content becomes much easier to create.

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A very merry Christmas from your local SEO content writer

Thank you to everyone who has supported our small local business this year. We have had such a brilliant time working with you all. Your SEO content writer at Content Clever wish you a very happy Christmas and a great new year!

We look forward to building relationships with our new and existing clients in 2022!

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