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The benefits of working with a local copywriter

May 10, 2021May 10, 2021No comments

What is a copywriter?

You will often hear terms like Copywriter and Content writer, but what do they mean and is there a difference? A professional copywriter promotes and sells your products and services through active campaigns targeting your brand audience. Promotion could be via social media marketing, paper advertising (magazines and newspapers) or TV advertising.

A content writer writes in-depth and knowledgeable copy that explains your brand in more detail with an overall aim of converting prospective clients into buyers. Compelling content writers mainly write copy for internet-based searches, including websites, white paper writing and blogsā€”all with the purpose of funnelling your audience into your website and onto the buyer journey.

Copywriters and content writers will have excellent writing skills, a flair for capturing your visitor’s interest, and ultimately creating solutions for businesses.

What are the benefits of working with a local copywriter?

When you type the word ‘copywriter’ into google, you are sure to receive thousands of results with very compelling reasons why they will succeed in writing your content for you. How do you start to sift through these choices to make the right decision?

A word of advice is always to look local. There are many benefits of choosing to work with a local copywriter, not just because they are on your doorstep. A local, skilled copywriter will create a strong content strategy that is right and relevant to your business because they will already have a confident understanding of your area and, likely, your company’s competitors. This understanding will lead to secure and powerful writing that will benefit your brand and make you stand out in the community.

A local copywriter will be much more flexible with meetings and support your brand face to face (when allowed to)! Often, copywriters will work remote, so it’s great to have someone close to you who will be able to dedicate time to visit you and, ultimately, learn about your business in a more in-depth way.

What can a local copywriter do for you?

Using a local copywriter can be highly beneficial for you and your business. As described above, using a copywriter based in Buckinghamshire will give you a strong lead in the local market as your copywriter will be able to research your competition and SEO optimise your content. This means you will rank higher in your local area and be more visible to your prospective clients.

A local copywriter can work on a variety of marketing tools for your brand. This service includes consistent social media posts, advertising online, writing blog posts that have been SEO optimised and drafting your marketing emails when you want to speak directly to your clients. Using a copywriter to write your content means that you will have an experienced and often freelance professional at your fingertips to operate flexibly and when required. By using the same copywriter for all your content needs, you can build a good working relationship with someone who knows your brand and can sell it confidently on your behalf.

How to find a local copywriter

Finding a local freelance copywriter can be easy – if you know where to look. If you already have a good relationship with an external web developer, ask for their guidance about a trusted local copywriter who can support you with good content and gain a complex understanding of your brand. You can guarantee that most established web development companies will already have connections with various copywriters, and often they know the importance of sticking to a local writer.

If you don’t have access to a web developer, don’t worry. You can use different search terms in your search engine depending on who you are looking for. Try to be specific – if you are based in Aylesbury, search for an ‘Aylesbury Copywriter’ or an ‘Aylesbury based content writer’. This will bring you up more specific results that you can then start to look through.

Lastly, look at testimonials and portfolios. These will give you a good impression of the kind of work you can expect to be produced by your freelance copywriter. Previous businesses and customers that have worked with the copywriter will be likely to give feedback and compliments on work that has been written. These can be incredibly important when finding the writer that works for you and your business.

As a business owner, you need to feel comfortable with the copywriter you have chosen to work with as they will be the one who is promoting your brand far and wide online using relevant content and creative writing. Don’t be afraid to try someone new; they may surprise you. Similarly don’t feel you have to stay w